Sound Insulation Pads

We are making High Loft Acoustic Insulation Fabric through Thermo-Bonding Process.

Our Acoustic or Sound Insulation Wadding is made from 100% lofted, thermally bonded polyester fibre. It is designed for use in the ceiling cavity to reduce sound transmission over the ceiling path.

1. Manages Noise between spaces and controls the room temperature.
2. Increases the efficiency of the Air Conditioner and helps in saving Power Consumption.
3. Reduces sound intensity at all frequencies and hence absorbs echo and high frequency sounds.
4. Is safe and easy to work with. No precautions are required for handling the product.
5. Does not cause any irritation when touched, and gives off no fumes or odours.

1. Offices, Board Rooms, Conference Rooms.
2. Movie Theaters, Home Theaters, Auditoriums.
3. Living Room, House Celiengs etc.